The Kingdom System Relationship

June 3, 2022
KSAM: The Kingdom System Relationship

Everything that our God, the Creator of all things, has created for our planet, operates within a System. As Creator, He designs everything that He creates, to operate within an interrelated, co-dependent System; Our bodies, our universe and all of the many and amazing systems that make up our world are all delicate, intricate systems. All of the discoveries of man have been when humanity identified an existing system and then learned how to harness and to manage the energy contained in that system for a desired outcome. Combustion engine for fire, an airplane flying by lift and the angle of incidence are examples.

Understanding the importance of identifying the systems that we are provided by our God is critical for our success. We and our entire world operate within the systems our Creator God provided for our use and for our relational development. For us to operate successfully we must identify and operate within the systems that we are provided by our Creator and our Designer. Interesting, and worthy of note, is the fact that none of the Systems that He created and designed for us are religious. They are all relational and interactive. Is it reasonable for us to believe that we are not provided a relational and interactive system that we engage in order to live a successful and meaningful life in a vibrant, living relationship with our Creator during the in-time, here and now portion of our eternity?

Actually, we are provided that relational system.

That system in scripture is called the Kingdom, which is short for the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God, the rule of God, the Government of God/Heaven, which was delivered to the earth by God Himself as Jesus Christ, is exactly that. The system that we engage and that we use to manage our success and for our successful and meaningful relationship with our Creator and our Designer, the Living God, is the Kingdom System provided to us by our God.