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A Firm Foundation

The Kingdom School and Ministry (KSAM) is a training resource to help people discover their divine purpose and to live the successful, meaningful life they were created to live! Our central teachings stem from the Kingdom System Series of books, which were authored by our founder, Charlie Lewis.

Charlie is an entrepreneur, author, and teacher who lives in Thomasville, GA and presides over a national insurance company with over twenty-five thousand representatives. His hard work and dedication to helping others realize their full potential has given KSAM a firm foundation, and our resources guide many to a more fulfilling life.

Kingdom System Books

Our training resources are available in a wide array of formats. Click on each category below to find the format that is right for you.

Finding Purpose

Charlie Lewis’ journey to writing about the Kingdom started shortly after he graduated High School. Years later, he found wisdom that was different than what he had been taught at university, in church, or in any other setting he had ever attended.

Discover how Charlie Lewis found his purpose, and how the Kingdom System can provide direction and understanding.

Lessons For Life: The KSAM Blog

Kingdom Church, Part 2

January 14, 2022

Church is important. This is where we gather together in relationship and where we corporately fellowship with one another. This is where we spend time together in a congregate setting learning about our Creator, our Designer and His forever plan for our lives.

Charlie Lewis

Kingdom Church or Church Kingdom? Part 1

January 7, 2022

A Kingdom Church teaches you what the Kingdom is, how it works, how you engage the Kingdom while on the earth, what the purpose of the Kingdom is for you and for humanity, and how to spread the Good News about His Kingdom. A church kingdom bases and measures its success on temporary things.

God's Favor Declared & Engaged

December 17, 2021

As sons and daughters of the living God -- as His very family -- we have access to all the authority, all the power, and all the resources of our heavenly Father. He has abundantly blessed us with His favor (read my previous post You Have God's Favor for more on that). But many believers do not understand this truth. How do we engage God's favor?

prayer circle holding hands

A Passion for Prayer

We are all searching for or a way to influence and direct the outcomes of our lives. Prayer is a big part of this journey.

We welcome you to pray with us and ask that if you have a prayer need please fill out a prayer request using the button below.

Making an Impact with Community Outreach

Kingdom School and Ministry is dedicated to helping others and giving back to the community. We collect donations and organize volunteers to assist with many different causes. Take a look at some of the charity and outreach endeavors that we are currently supporting.

KSAM in Action: News & Events

Livestream Lecture to Guatemala

June 8, 2021

Charlie Lewis instructs Guatemalan university professors via livestream

Charlie Lewis

Let Us Worship in Thomasville

May 14, 2021

We were so grateful to be able to help host Sean Feucht and the Let Us Worship tour in our hometown.

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