Time for Change

April 29, 2022
KSAM: Time for Change

Over the past several blogs, we have been discussing Kingdom Justice, and how far off our present-day systems of justice are from that standard. But let's make it a little more personal now.

Why should you be interested in the administration of our Legal system and the integrity of our Government? Why should you care? 

Because the foundations for our peace and for our security are entirely founded on our belief that we live in and are part of a just and a fair system, and that our Government exists to provide governance where justice is central to all they do. No outside factors of wealth, power, or position give advantages to anyone. We are all treated with dignity, respect, and with equality no matter our socio-economic or power status. This is important.

In a previous blog (read it here), I discussed the examples of Jesus, Martin Luther, and Martin Luther King, Jr., who each shaped history by standing up to forces of corruption and injustice in their day. So my question now is where is the Kingdom person, the one who will prophesy the Word of the Lord today? 

I declare and I decree that that person(s) is already present, on the scene, and ready to act to restore the Government of Heaven, the Government of our God to its rightful place to replace the evil systems of this world. The present evil systems that rule in our world will be replaced. The Government of Heaven will soon occupy the throne of the Legal Systems and the Government of this world.

If the Holy Spirit God has shown you by His Word and by His Spirit that you are to represent the Kingdom (be a birther) and to present the Kingdom System of our God to the Kingdom systems of this world, then I encourage you to prayerfully reflect upon the seven points we discussed regarding Jesus, Martin Luther, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the previous blog. Then write out your answers and your personal understanding of your personal actions to each of these seven statements. Here they are again for your consideration:

1)   They heard the Word of the Lord from the Lord

2)   They came declaring the Word of the Lord to all of humanity

3)   They identified the injustice and presented the cure

4)   They took an active stand for right/justice

5)   They stood knowing the consequences for them could be horrific

6)   They valued the outcomes as being worth the personal risk, they stood firm and declared the Word of the Lord.

7)   Society and Culture was changed because of their actions