In Time and Eternity

May 17, 2024
KSAM: In Time and Eternity

We will not know how to be right or how to act and to live correctly in God’s Kingdom on the earth and in the earth realm if we approach life from time or from any other perspective. This is a major paradigm shift for humanity, but this is not optional

Our success in life (time) and forever (eternity) is determined by how well we understand and how well we engage eternity and our personal eternalness in the here and now component of our eternity.

How do we change our lives to engage and to live in this paradigm of eternity as our normal operational reality? This will change everything, but this is not easy and this will not just happen.

A concentrated, concerted, and planned effort from a directed awareness of the needed change – and then measuring the progress – is required. Everything about God and with His Kingdom are relational and must be approached from the perspective of relationship.

This is a different paradigm and a new application for our understanding of how we are to interact with our God and with His Kingdom. Jesus, our King, and His Kingdom Governmental System are eternal and we relate through relationship and not through religious regulation and compliance.

If we base everything only on religious regulation and compliance, we miss the greatest benefit and the fantastic experience of a living, breath-to-Breath and spirit-to-Spirit relationship of fellowship. This is what we were created for and designed to enjoy – now in time and forever.