It Begins in the Mind

April 4, 2024
KSAM: It Begins in the Mind

How do we live and have our being in eternity and in our eternalness experientially?

In Romans, the Holy Spirit God directs Paul to use the word reckon nineteen times. Reckon here is a mathematical, accounting, and legal term. Thus, we are to reckon in our minds that the Truth we now understand about the reality of eternalness, and the application of our faith to see our desired outcomes, is a done deal. A complete mathematical equation. A move from one account to another.  A legally binding contract. But it all begins in our minds. We must reckon our minds to align with Truth, then we can act on our faith and produce fruit. 

The Kingdom of God is engaged and activated by dynamics – an interactive system of competing and conflicting forces, where the choice of your action and/or your behavior contains within that choice the inertia/energy that carries you to a predetermined outcome or results. Our choice creates life, or our behavior creates death. We are told to choose life.