Beyond the Temporary

March 29, 2024
KSAM: Beyond the Temporary

We are eternal spirit beings. We are designed to operate in and through our eternalness. Time is a temporary experience for us.

We are not designed to live our forever lives in time based on time, but on and from the perspective of our eternalness or our eternality. We are not made for time, but for eternity. Our eternalness is the absolute foundation for everything in our life and in our world.

Eternity and our eternalness are the platform and the perspective from which we view and how we correctly address everything in our life and in our world. Any other approach will not work.

If we only approach and live our lives and our present world experiences strictly from the perspective of time, we will miss the eternal impact, and we will be left frustrated, empty, and unfulfilled, not to mention the impact of our forever hereafter.

At its longest, time is the shortest component of our eternity. Yet, time is important because time is the proving ground where the dynamics of our choices direct and determine what our experience in our forever hereafter is to be -- our eternal outcomes. This is why we must live each day -- each moment even -- not based on what we perceive through our earthly, bodily senses, but through the eternal perspective available to us through our spirits, in communion with our Holy Spirit God.