Eternity and the Church

February 2, 2024
KSAM: Eternity and the Church

Each and every person ever created is eternal, and we are to live our lives completely from the perspective and vantage point of eternity and our eternalness.

 A recent survey of churches showed that pastors and leaders viewed their success from the vantage of 1) the size of their congregation, 2) the size of their facilities, 3) the size of their staff, and from 4) the amount of their revenues. All of these standards are temporary, and not based on the things of eternity and our eternalness.

We are told not to pursue an asset-based success that is motivated/driven by time, but we are instructed to go after purpose-based outcomes that are eternity-driven and impact the Kingdom which is eternal. We are told to make the pursuit of His Kingdom our priority and our first consideration in all that we do and in all that we are. We are to pursue His way of doing and His way of being right.

Globally, humanity is searching for a Kingdom Church, a place where they are taught and led into a relationship with the Living God based on eternity and on their eternalness, guided by His Kingdom governance. A place where they are taught about their eternity and their eternalness. A place where His Kingdom is taught, established, and practiced. A place where His Kingdom is presented and where the Kingdom of God is being built and established in the earth upon the platform of eternity and not earthly achievements.

Today most churches are building their own kingdom, and not His Kingdom. We cannot grow and become what we are designed and created to become through an organization that is functioning as a church kingdom and not a kingdom church. If all of the aspects of our eternality are not presented, emphasized and practiced, we are in the wrong place.