Is God's Word Religious?

January 19, 2024
KSAM: Is God's Word Religious?

In society and in religious culture, God’s Word is often presented as the rules and the regulations that are provided for our compliance and for others to use in their adjudication of our actions.

The scriptures are not religious at all. They are not judgmental. They are totally relational and interactive. The scriptures are the values, the principles, and the established precedents that we agree to use to govern ourselves. They are our Constitution, our governing agreement with the Government of Heaven.

The scriptures are not religious rules and regulations which were written by men many years ago that are out dated, overbearing, onerous  and judgmental instructions and guidelines designed to oppress and frustrate humanity. The scriptures are strong, they are powerful, and they are full of life.

The scriptures are the recording of the Holy Spirit God’s inspired Words that were captured under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit God. The scriptures are Spirit and they are life.  They expose the difference between our mind – our emotions, our feelings and our intellect – and our spirit – the forever and eternal us – for our correct choice of dynamics. When we make them religious we lose the amazing impact of their relational guidance and directions.