What Are Dynamics?

January 5, 2024
KSAM: What Are Dynamics?

Dynamics are defined as an interactive system involving competing and conflicting forces, where our choice of action, conduct, and behavior contains within that choice the energy/inertia to carry us to a prescribed result and a predetermined outcome.

The universe and all things that our Creator God created operate by design, and the outcomes are determined by an interactive engagement and/or by operating dynamics.

Gravity is not the result of religion, but of dynamics. In culture, the Mountain of Religion has presented the position and the belief that our lives operate and are governed by the rules and the regulations of religious principles, and our compliance that is judged and adjudicated by a religious system. This is not correct. Everything in our world operates through our choices. Where we are today and what we are experiencing in our lives right now is the sum total of the results of our choices. This is our design.

Choices are based on our decisions that are created by our relationships and by our experiences. Our Creator and our Designer has designed everything that we experience in time to function in and as outcomes of the resulting  dynamics of our chosen actions and  relationships.