Beyond Time

December 15, 2023
KSAM: Beyond Time

The earth’s realm is so overwhelmingly beautiful, we do not consider its temporary nature or its temporary value and the limited usage the earth has for humanity. Everything we see around us that was made by God for time is beautiful, and so tangible. We can reach out and touch it, pick it up, and we can feel its substance, its matter.  This creates a real challenge for us to recognize, to respect, and to honor the fact that everything we see is temporary, and confined to this planet. What we see physically will not transcend time.

We are eternal beings made specifically to transcend time. Our spirits are not temporary. Our body is temporary. We are eternal spirits, that live in a temporary body, and we are managed and developed by our forever minds.

Our minds transcend time and go with us into our forever hereafter. Our brains are not our mind. Our brain is to our mind, what our heart is to our body. How we develop our minds during our time on the earth is extremely important.  Our mind are made up of our emotions, our feelings, our intellect, our imaginations, and are comprised of our memories.

Everything that we allow, whatever we accept, and whatever we embrace in our minds must be managed in the light of our eternity. This has significant impact on our eternal experience. There are many things that we readily allow and accept in our mind that when considered in the light of eternity, we would not embrace them. Hate, anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, rejection, malice, strife, doubt, unbelief and many other emotions, or feelings, like evil imaginations,  or lustful desires, and anything we do not want to be in our eternity. If we would not like for any of these to be a part of our forever hereafter experience, we cannot allow them to be a part of our here and our now, because these become a part of our mind and transcend time. This is important and pivotal in our forever experience and in our planning and in our development of our mind for our eternalness.