Identity, Origin, Destination

December 1, 2023
KSAM: Identity, Origin, Destination

The propensity to only consider things of time as real, and to reject the eternal realm of Heaven’s reality did not begin with you and me, or even with our generation. This deception existed in the time Christ was on the earth and long before. In John 8:12-16, Jesus addresses the two kingdoms, each of their missions, and each of their outcomes. He calls one the kingdom light, and the other darkness. He says “those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never (Greek – never, no never) walk (Aramaic – never be driven, pushed) by the darkness again.

The religious leaders were offended by what Jesus said and they claimed He was boasting about Himself. They rejected what He said, and declared His Words invalid and not correct.

Jesus responded to their unbelief by telling them about His eternalness and indirectly theirs, and declaring they had no idea about their eternalness and about eternity’s relationship to the things which they see, and the unseen things that are all around them. He says to them that He and His Father communicate continually, and that they -- He and the Father -- agree on everything He does and what He says. He continues by saying that His Father had sent Him to them to reveal His Kingdom, His way of doing and being right to them, or eternity and eternity’s application to humanity’s here and to their now. The knowledge and the wisdom Jesus had of His own identity, His origin, and His destination were what enabled Him to correctly review and to understand what He saw in the earthly realm through the vision of His eternity and by His eternalness. This ability was available to each of them and is available to each of us for our understanding and for our benefit if we will simply engage our eternal ears of our spirit, and not just listen with our earthly ears. We are to develop the ability to hear His Words and the life they contain from the perspective of Heaven’s realm and our eternity now. Our eternalness is who we are forever and we are to develop our eternity relationship journey now in our here and in our now from our own forever hereafter reality.