Eternity is Our Design

November 10, 2023
KSAM: Eternity is Our Design

Eternity is our design. The purpose that we are designed to accomplish and to fulfill is not limited to the environment of our time journey and to the resources that originate there. Our purpose is an eternal gifting and calling that will continue into our forever hereafter. We must know and we must understand this. This changes everything. Nowhere in scripture is it said that our design and our purpose are limited to our in time experience. Our giftings, our talents, and our abilities are eternal giftings that transcend time and that go with us into our forever hereafter to be engaged there for His Kingdom.

How important is this knowledge, this wisdom, and this understanding? In Proverbs the Holy Spirit God tells us that knowledge without wisdom, knowing how to make our giftings and our acquired knowledge work personally for us, profits us very little. Wisdom gives humanity the understanding of how the knowledge fits in the big picture God has planned. This clarity provides operational understanding for the living of our lives in our here and in our now. We are not to get caught up in time and in the pursuit of the temporary things of time. Our pursuit in all that we are and in everything that we encounter is to be based on our purpose and in our eternalness for all of our eternity.

Our God is eternal, His Word is eternal, His Kingdom is eternal, and we are eternal. There is an alliance of eternalness and a forever relationship that exists among these realities that must be pursued and developed relationally forever.