Is God Religious?

January 12, 2024
KSAM: Is God Religious?

Have you ever noticed how God has been made to be the most religious person who has ever lived? Many people who are highly religious themselves paint a picture of God as only being interested in religious regulation and compliance, and rote ritual.

This is nonsense. Our God is not religious at all.

If our God operated from a religious position, most of the people in scripture whom our God chose to use in His service would never have made it. Instead, they would be condemned to hell because of their actions. David, Samson, Peter, just to name a few, and many others who would not qualify based on religious standards.

If God is religious, when He was on the earth in the person of Jesus Christ – Emmanuel – God with us, Jesus would have engaged with the religion of the people of His birth and become a part of their way of faith. He did not. In the sermon on the Mount, He began the specifics of His teaching saying, "you have been taught this, but I tell you a reality that is different and is relational." (Paraphrased). Instead, our God is completely relational and operates from the position of relationship.