Our Handbook for Life

October 12, 2023
KSAM: Our Handbook for Life

How do we determine what is right and what is good for us? What do we use as our handbook and our standard for our conduct and behavior in our lives during our time journey? What are the values, the principles that and the established precedents we use to govern ourselves?

The scriptures are our Constitution for our governance. They are not religious, they are relational and they are to become active in our lives for direction.

The scriptures are to be internalized so they become who we are by becoming an integral part of our forever spirit. Memorization is the beginning. Memorization is a part of our mind, our emotions, our intellect, and our will, and deals mainly with our time experience.

We are to continue to repeat the Scriptures out loud until they become who we are in our spirit forever, and until they determine how we act and what we believe and what we accept innately. The scriptures become who we are based on eternity and on our eternalness.

The scriptures are true, they are sure, they are steadfast, and they are eternal. They do not change. Our situations, our circumstances, and our relationships change continually. Our lives are to be guided by the eternal things in our lives and not by those things that are temporary and situational.

The scriptures are to guide, to evaluate, and to direct our every thought, all of our actions, and all of our desires. The scriptures serve as our handbook for governance.