About Kingdom School & Ministry


The Kingdom School and Ministry (KSAM) was founded as a training resource to help people discover their divine purpose and to live the successful meaningful life they were created to live!  The resources available through our organization are not about some theoretical religious system irrelevant to your life. They are relational, relevant, experiential resources that work and work now!

The foundational resource of KSAM is the Kingdom System Series of books, which were authored by our founder, Charlie Lewis. His journey to writing about the Kingdom actually started shortly after he graduated from High School.  He had decided to pursue a pre-med major, and ended up spending an entire day at the University outlining his plan for the next 5 to 6 years of his life. From choosing what courses he would take to what schools he would pursue. He wrote out a plan as to how he was going to make it all happen, and when he completed his plan, he printed it out and went back to his car. As he sat in the car, he began thumbing through the pages and reviewing the plan. When he finished, he laid it in the seat of his car. As soon as he did, he felt the Holy Spirit God ask “where do I fit in your plan?” Although the question caught him completely off guard, his simple response was “I don’t know Lord, do you want to fit in there?”

Years later, through a challenging season in business, the memories of that question would come back again. After being defeated by Satan at every turn, and watching door after door close, Charlie remembers saying, “God, Satan cannot do this to me unless you allow him to. You will not allow him to unless there is something that I do not know that you want me to know. You also said if I did not know, if I would ask you, you would tell me. So here I am, I am asking. What is it that you want me to know that I do not know? What am I missing?” That is where his pursuit of the Kingdom resumed from that simple question the Holy Spirit God had asked so many years before.

As he searched everywhere in the scripture for the word “Kingdom”, the things that God began to show and to teach him were much different than what he had been taught at the university, in church, or in any other setting he had ever attended. God showed him that the Kingdom of God was simply God’s way of doing and being right. The Kingdom was delivered to the earth by God Himself through Jesus Christ, and would allow us to impact and direct the results and outcomes of our lives! The Kingdom System provides direction and understanding about your purpose for being alive, creates hope, and leads to a successful and meaningful life experience. 

KSAM…Helping people to discover their divine purpose and to live the successful meaningful life they were created to live!