The Kingdom System by Charlie Lewis

All of humanity is searching desperately for a way to influence and to direct the outcomes of their lives. They are not happy with the results of their efforts and want the ability to impact the outcomes.

Our families, our finances, out relationships, our health and our faith are often far below our desired experience. Our makeup does not allow us to be comfortable with an unsuccessful life. We long for a way to rise above situations, circumstances, and relationships.

It is not reasonable to believe there is not a way to achieve success for everyone. It is not reasonable to believe that we have to depend on government, our parents, our luck, our religion or anything else outside of ourselves and our own ability to understand the plan and how to achieve success.

This book will begin your journey for knowledge - the awareness of the plan, wisdom -how the plan applies to you and works for you personally, and the understanding - of how all of this fits into the plan for all of humanity.

May you be informed, encouraged, and empowered to achieve greater success than you have ever imagined, hoped for, or believed possible.

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