Kingdomnomics by Charlie Lewis

The Earth, our solar system, and every created thing on the Earth operates within a system. This is the result of design. Each system is definable and its operation is predictable. 

With great accuracy the influences and the impacts of outside forces and the chosen actions of Humanity on each system can be charted and forecast. 

There are Dynamics of action and reaction for each System. Just as with the physical, scientific, mathematical, and all of the other Systems, the Kingdom System operates through Dynamics.

The Dynamics may be accurately defined as actions of Conduct and Behavior. Dynamics are an interactive System that involves competing and/or conflicting forces. They are more than Laws that involve regulation and compliance. 

The outcomes and the results are predictable and are completely determinable as are the results of gravity or inertia. When we know  and when we understand the Dynamics of the Kingdom System and their related actions and reactions we can choose the outcomes of our lives for success.

May this understanding enable you to direct and to choose success.

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