Finding Your Path

How do I find the right career? Is there a purpose for my life? What path should I choose?

How do I find the right career path?

Each one of us has faced these questions in our lives. For many, decisions about career and life direction boil down to "what path will lead me to earning the most money?" But does earning a lot of money really lead to a life of purpose, passion, and hope? Don't you want to live for more than just material wealth?

In Kingdom Deployment, Charlie Lewis writes that each person on earth is created with a unique design in order to fulfill an eternal purpose. He clearly demonstrates that there is plan for YOUR life, a plan that you can know and understand.

When you read Kingdom Deployment, you will understand how to prioritize your OUTCOME over your INCOME, and ETERNAL things over TEMPORARY things. You will find how to have true success in your relationships, career, and family.

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