Correctly Engaging You Spirit, Your Mind, and Your Body for Your Success by Charlie Lewis

Humanity is a triune being. We are an eternal spirit that lives in a body and we are managed by our mind. Our spirit is the eternal part of us that lives forever and will never die. Our spirit is who we really are.

Our mind is changeable and programmable. It is each of our responsibility and our pleasure to program our minds correctly. Our mind is where we develop our feeling, our emotions, our will and the seat of our personality. Our mind is where our choices are made. Our mind is who we think we are.

Our body is the home of our spirit and our mind while we are in-time. The description of our body is a tent or tabernacle. Our body is who we appear to be.

To be successful in life we must understand our design. We must know what each component of our design is to do for us. Each component of who we are is specifically designed to provide a particular function for our successful operation. The components' functions are not interchangeable. One component cannot do what another is designed to do. To understand who we are, how we are designed to function, and to properly engage our designed operational functionality is extremely liberating. Our effectiveness and our peace are greatly enhanced by this knowledge and this understanding. May you be blessed with peace and understanding. 

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