Transition and New Open Doors

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For some time now, the Spirit has been saying that we are in a time of transition, and that we are being presented with new open doors. I get the sense that these are dramatic changes and not just a slight shift. I am aware of significant changes in the lives of many around the world. Humanity everywhere is being led to make major changes in the direction and in the actions of their lives. Thomasville may be the epicenter of the transition. People from Texas, from Colorado, from California, from the United Kingdom and from many other places are being led by the Holy Spirit God to pack up their Families and their belongings and move to Thomasville. These people are not “wannabes” who are searching for their success, but these are people who are at the top of their game in the industries and in the fields of labor where God has planted them. In each of their conversations they speak about the direction and the leading of the Holy Spirit God for their change or for their transition.

There is presently a powerful move of God that will impact humanity and the culture of our planet for our God in a way that has never occurred before.  Unprecedented change for the glory of our God and for the betterment of humanity. Get ready — it is here.  

Transition is defined as a change from one thing to the next, either in action or state of being—as in a job transition, or as in the much more dramatic example of a caterpillar making a transition into a butterfly. The butterfly comparison is interesting and fitting. It appears that in our lives to this point we have been in a cocoon being molded and being equipped for this specific assignment. Our wings have been being developed so that we can now fly. The confinement of the cocoon is being removed and we have our wings. Have you ever noticed how effortlessly butterflies can fly? They do not have to vigorously flap their wings to create lift, they just lift off and they are flying. I believe and I declare this is how we have been designed and how we have been developed in the surroundings/cocoons of our lives. We are ready. In our created design for our eternal purposes, we are like butterflies. We fly with the greatest of ease. It is natural. It is our design by our Creator. Our God is saying, “Come fly with me.” Are you ready? Can you with great ease pursue and accomplish the calling of your life? The answer is “yes”, I am ready.

For those who attend the local meetings of our group called SeekersFellowship, this meeting will be very special. Ms. Bonnie Syfrett, the wonderful Lady who initiated and led the effort for us to come together to study the provision and the power of the Kingdom of our God and our God’s plan for humanity’s success, is moving away. Bonnie is moving to Central Florida.  She will be living in an assisted living facility with her son, Chuck. They will be near Bonnie’s daughter who is overseeing their care. We will greatly miss Ms. Bonnie. I will personally miss Bonnie. When I first began to be directed by the Holy Spirit God to study the Kingdom of our God looking specifically at what the Kingdom is and what it does from humanity, Bonnie attended a Sunday School group that Fran and I were a part of.  On occasion I would share briefly what the Holy Spirit God was teaching me about the Kingdom of God, Bonnie would get excited and say to me, “Now Charlie, this is special. This is something we have not heard. You have to share it with us in more detail.”  I was reluctant, but Bonnie was persistent. She would not accept no. I have wondered if I would have been receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit God to write books and travel around the globe to more than one hundred and sixty countries (several countries multiple times) sharing this revelation of Good News without Bonnie’s persistent pressure to share. I am thankful for Bonnie’s love, her fellowship, her friendship and her persistence. We charge the Angel Armies of God to accompany Bonnie wherever she goes and in whatever she does, on land, in the air and on the sea. We thank the Holy Spirit God for guiding all of her steps and blessing her with lavish, overflowing love, peace and joy continually and without fail.

This may be her last Seekers meeting. We encourage you to attend and to tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Her new address will be – Ms. Bonnie Syfrett, Lake Ridge Villas, 353 Ardice Avenue #79, Eustis, Florida, 32726. The impact of our love for one another and that love’s influence in our lives is immeasurable. We are important to each other. A Friend says often, “no hour too late, no request too great for someone you love.”

Are you facing transition? Or are you at a comfortable place with no new doors in sight? As Psalms 139 says, wherever you are the hand of the Holy Spirit God is there to guide you and His strength is there to support you. He assures us that we can never be away from His Spirit and we can never get away from His presence. In everything we do we are to begin with Him, to recognize and to acknowledge Him first, and He will direct our paths, He will show us what to do and where to go.

May you be blessed in all that you do. May the hand and the presence of our God overtake you and cover you with His love and with His kindness.

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