The Vantage Point of Eternity

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Some years ago, I realized that God has called me to write and to teach about His System and His ways so that humanity can enter into the relationship and understanding that will allow them to have influence over their lives and to direct the outcomes of their lives. He has called our Family to be examples of His System and how to influence the outcomes of your lives.

Let me be clear. I believe we live in a world where relativity is a reality. The greater the gift, you can be certain the greater the test or the requirement will be. The level of battle we deal with daily has increased greatly. As we have lived into our calling to be a Kingdom family and represent His Kingdom System, we have continually faced opposition.

At this point in the journey our comments are “Father, it will be interesting to see how you will turn this situation into good for our Family. But we know that you will and that You are doing so, because You promised that you would do so. We believe your Word. We have committed our lives to your Word and we declare that in every situation we are made to triumph, to profit, and to prosper in Christ Jesus. Glory to You, our Father, our Friend and our Lord.”

I do not believe there has ever been a time in all of history when the opportunity to impact all of humanity for good has been greater. No matter who is is in the office of the President, the opportunity will not diminish in importance or opportunity. What humanity needs and is searching so desperately for is the government of Heaven to be engaged in upon the Earth and to become the new standard for Conduct and Behavior. It will change the outcomes of everything. Our vantage point will be from eternity and not from the temporary view now taken on the Earth. Everything we can see with our human eyes is temporary and will not last. We must cultivate and develop our spirit eyes that look into eternity and change our actions and reactions.

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