The Power of Choices

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The challenge and the dilemma the first man and the first woman on this planet faced was their identity, their origin and their purpose. Their desire to know and to understand who they were, where they came from and why they were here presented them with profound choices they would have to make. Whether to choose or not to choose was not optional. They would have to choose. That was the plan.

They could choose to take these questions to their minds and to allow their intellect, their emotions, and their feelings to determine their choice. They could gather all of the information they had observed and learned from their environment and the physical universe that they had seen, and what they had heard to be the basis and the foundation for their existence.

Or, they could choose to believe and to accept their relationship with their Friend whom they had spent hours in the garden walking with, talking with, and learning from Him. They had enjoyed fellowshipping together. They could choose to trust their experience, the results of what He said to them and to allow His Words and their relationship to be the foundation for their existence.  

From humanity’s very beginning our lives and our outcomes are based on choices. Our choices determine our outcomes. Our life experience is determined completely by our choices of conduct and behavior. Our charge and our challenges were, are and will always be to make informed, qualified choices. Our Choices are interactive Dynamics that contain within them the inertia for the outcomes we are designed to desire and to accomplish.

So, let me ask the question: as you live your everyday life, how are you making your choices? Are you relying on your intellect, your emotions, and all the information you can gather about your situations and circumstances? Or are you using a Higher metric? Are you basing your choices on the One who created it all, who sees the end from the beginning, and with whom you have a relationship and constant fellowship? It is a question worth reflecting upon. My prayer is that you are led by your Creator and Designer in everything you do, and every choice you make.

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  • Google, goverment, the soul, the world, the flesh and religons became the actual tree of knowledge the took Gods comunión and comunication with God as our only resourse to take the great choices .

  • Great word Charlie!

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