The Keys to Understanding, Part 5

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We boldly and confidently declare that we are what He says we are, we have what He says we have, and we can and will do what He says we can do. Understanding is power. Lesser authority always yields to greater authority. Rise and be healed in the name of Jesus. Pick up your bed and walk. Declare now the Words of our Creator God are stronger and more powerful than anything that has declared itself to be superior to our God in your life. Sickness, disease, drugs, alcohol, lying spirits, sexual immorality, homosexuality, lust, pride, all principalities, all evil powers, every one of the rulers of darkness, all named and unnamed spiritual wickedness in high places, every force of the Kingdom of darkness.

Our Creator came to destroy the works of Satan, the works of darkness. He has stripped them of their power and placed them under the feet of the believer. They cannot and we will not allow them to stand against the Words of our God.

I declare to you this is not emotion or any other product of our mind, this is the belief, the acceptance and the faith that is the product of our renewed, reborn spirits. That faith has been planted in our spirits to provide the abundant, extravagant, lavish life of liberty promised by the Words of our Creator/God. Receive it.

We are believers and not doubters. We are free from frustration. We recognize the strategies and deceits of the defeated Satan and we put a stop to them by speaking the Words of our Creator/God out of our mouths in faith.

Greater are You in us than he that is in the world. We tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. We take our shield of faith and we quench his every fiery dart.

The Creator, our Creator says, “I will keep the person whose mind stays on me (my words) in perfect peace, because they trust me.”

Our Creator says the peace He gives is different from the peace the world provides. The peace He provides goes beyond human understanding (our minds).

We are told, “Do not lean toward your own reasoning or perceptions (our minds), but in everything you do, acknowledge, seek my way, and I will provide direction.”

Jesus said not to worry about things (temporal, temporary pursuits) but to seek our Creator’s plan, government, rule, order and His way of doing and being right/correct. Things will follow. It is a dynamic of the Kingdom Christ delivered to the earth. It will not fail. It is without variance.

This is the principle, the dynamic of the Kingdom, God’s way of doing and being right. How do we walk out this dynamic in our lives? How do we apply it practically?

  1. What is the need? Identify the need and describe in detail.
  2. What does God tell us about this struggle? How do we apply His Word to the challenge? Write this out in detail as well.
  3. Read #2 over and over until it becomes what you instantly think and constantly believe.
  4. Reprogram you mind, your thinking, until it automatically agrees with what God said and discount the situations, circumstances and relationships that say otherwise.
  5. Thank and praise God for victory in every battle until the war is won.
  6. Share your faith with others. Everyone struggles and wants to know how to have power over circumstances, situations, and relationships. God has provided an excellent plan. Share it.

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