The Keys to Understanding, Part 4

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How does this empower us? How does this understanding of our spirit, soul, and body free us from frustration?

We study, research, and meditate on the manual left by our Creator with regularity, daily if possible. We are told the Words of the Book are powerful. They are alive. They separate for us what is spirit (life) and what is soul/mind (death). They create knowledge in our experiences. We find that when a thought that brings condemnation/guilt pops into our minds, that we immediately know that it is not coming to us from God. It is an emotion and the product of our mind, and we must evaluate it by our spirit.

Our spirits know that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. That does not mean we do not make mistakes and the Holy Spirit convicts us to repent, ask forgiveness immediately, and receive that forgiveness and the resulting new life. We do not allow the emotions to take charge and make us feel bad and wallow in self-pity. Our emotions and all the products of our mind produce death. They are temporary and can change many times. We know that we are believers and not doubters.

We declare that we hold fast to our confession of faith. We decide to walk by faith and to practice faith. Our faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We must choose to follow life.

We allow this exposure to our Creator’s words to show us the knowledge that comes only from the Spirit of our Creator/God. This is not natural knowledge, but supernatural knowledge. That knowledge is delivered by our Creator into our being through our spirits, into our minds. It then changes our thinking into the reflection of the mind of our Creator and we gain wisdom. Wisdom that is not the result of observing the situations, the circumstances and the relationships around us. Wisdom that is the result or the byproduct of the enlightenment or illumination that comes from our Creator God and is not available through any other source. We receive it through exposure to His Word, His Prophets, His Teachers and all His Ministers under the anointing and direction of the Holy Spirit.   That wisdom leads to understanding.

We are not disturbed or dismayed by the situations, the circumstances and the relationships that the evil one tries to use to deceive us and cause us to doubt our Creator/God and what He says and has said. We are fully persuaded, convinced beyond doubt, and committed to the reality of the fulfillment of His promises. Our Creator God is not changed by circumstances, but rather He changes circumstances.

We have found Him to be completely trustworthy. He is dependable. We declare His Words knowing full well they will not return to us without accomplishing what He said they would achieve for those who believe. And we believe. We are believers and not doubters. We hold fast to our confession of faith. We decide to walk by faith and practice faith. Our faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

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