The Dynamics of Scripture

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Have you ever wondered or thought, "Why doesn’t God just provide for each of us at our birth a clear picture and the absolute understanding of what our purpose on the earth is?” Maybe we should arrive/come with a written Manufacturer’s handbook or an Operating Manual?

Well, what do you call the Scriptures? What is their purpose? We have presented and proven earlier that they are not religious, but they are relational and interactive. They are not about regulation and compliance and being judged. The Scriptures provide access for us to an interactive system of competing and conflicting forces where we choose our actions for our success based on our desired outcomes. The scriptures are dynamics of conduct and behavior that humanity engages for a chosen and a predetermined outcome. Each choice of action contains within their selection the inertia that follows a prescribed path to a known result and outcome.

What is the difference in how a dynamic operates and how a law works? A law has the necessity of outside enforcement by a third party, someone to judge and to execute judgement. With a law, someone must see or make known that the violation of the law has occurred, and there is enforcement action outside of the law itself that follows and is performed. The hope of violators is that no one sees or knows, or ever becomes aware of the violation, and they presumably can get away with their violation.

A dynamic is different. As an interactive reaction, the outcome innately follows the chosen action without any action being necessary by anyone else. Like gravity. If you jump off the roof you will reach the ground. And, like inertia, falling from the roof you will continue to the ground unless you are interrupted or disturbed by an outside force.  A dynamic contains within itself the ability, the inertia to follow the chosen course of action to the resulting outcome. No one has to know your choice of action. There is no hope of escape or getting away with anything. The values and principles and the established precedents presented in the scriptures are dynamics of conduct and behavior that are made available to us for our choosing. You choose your outcome by your chosen action.

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