The Dynamic of Confession, Part Two: Controlling the Atmosphere

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This is Part Two in a multipart blog series. Click here to read Part One.


Jack Hayford made the following statement. "It is a phenomenal truth. Everything that exists came about by words. In the most deterministic chapter in the Bible pertaining to our world - chapter one of the book of Genesis - we read that God spoke and all things came into being: 'God said...and it was so. God called....and it was good. Then God blessed...' (vv.3, 7, 10, 28). It is the verbal activity of Almighty God that literally decrees our world's existence."

So how does that relate to those who are created in His image and His likeness? Those who are made of or from the same substance as our Creator? We are told that whatever we allow/lock/bind on earth will be allowed/locked/or bound in Heaven. Dr. Pepe Ramnath who is a Scientist, Pastor, Teacher and great expositor of Faith and the Word of God examined that declaration by Jesus. In this statement the Earth is referring to our environment. The Heavens refers to the atmosphere that surrounds the earth. A little different than we may have heard before.

Consider Dr. Ramnath's findings:

  • An environment (Earth) affects and controls the atmosphere (Heavenlies)
  • The atmosphere is where all the influence of our environment is determined and an atmosphere is controlled by what goes into it.
  • According to the laws and principles of the environment, nothing happens in the atmosphere until the environment gives it the right/correct gases and energy.

Based on this scientific principle/law we can understand and know that what we place in our atmosphere controls what happens in our environment.

Who has control of the atmosphere around earth? Read Ephesians 2:2.

So what Jesus was stating, clearly provides that as His Followers, we in the Kingdom government, Kingdom culture, and Kingdom community have authority over our atmosphere. We determine the atmospheric effect of our environment. What we allow/declare on earth creates our atmosphere. And, our atmosphere creates our environment. This sounds very much like the Rule of Choice - the  "if" and " then."

Whose thoughts/ideas are your words confirming? Who are you giving authority to develop the atmosphere that creates your environment?

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