The Devastating Absence of Relationship

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The devastating impact the lack of relationship has on humanity individually and collectively and on our society and our culture cannot be overlooked. Missing this is one of the greatest tragedies of history, and it appears to be getting worse.

Relationship is defined as:

  • the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other.
  • the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Relationship challenges are not new. From the beginning of humanity – Cain and Able, Esau and Jacob, and in every age and in each generation since, there have been many challenges. The challenges are not just with individuals but include Families, Ethnic groups, cities, states, territories, countries, nations, churches, religions, and many more. Wars have been fought and millions of people have been killed all in the name of a specific, defined relationship challenge. As simple as that may sound, that is the root of the difficulty that has led to an untold number, almost innumerable number of tragedies. It has been said that more wars have been fought and more lives lost over religion than anything else. Depending on how you define religion, I am not sure who has that dubious honor, especially with the multiplied millions murdered under Nazism, Communism, Socialism, and many other ideologies that combine governing style with some form of religious justification and validation. Many of these "ism’s" deny the existence of God or any higher authority. They become the highest authority in their world, and they have the power and they become God themselves in practice and in deed. Man was not made to be the God but to be in a living relationship with the true and the living God. The results of man accepting this belief and assuming this position are tragic. 

Humanity is desperate for justice, for truth and for equality. Our longing is for someone to stand up for what is right, and to loudly declare the plan of our Creator and our God for humanity so that we can be in right relationship with God and with humanity.  Our Creator declared that the greatest and the most important teachings/instructions/commandments for us on the earth are relational and not regulatory. We are to begin from the position where we first love our God with all that we are and all that we do, and we are secondly to love others like we love ourselves. When we follow and live by these two simple commands, we will not need the over seventeen hundred pages of laws that we have written for our guidance and for our enforcement by government. Living these two simple acts – loving our God and our Creator with all we do and with all that we are, and when we love, respect and cherish others the same as we love, respect and cherish ourselves, we will by our living example demonstrate, the plan, the will, and the face of our God to all of longing humanity who so desperately are searching for Him.

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