The Definition of Success, Part II

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Let's continue in the task of defining success.

What do we know so far?

  1. We must know who we are
  2. Where we came from
  3. Why we are here
  4. How we should live while we are here
  5. Where we go when our body dies

To correctly understand and to achieve our success we must first define and explain success correctly.

The first question that we asked ourselves was “who we are”. I believe the answer to that question has more depth than just knowing about our self, our ancestry, where we were born, what our ancestors have done, and what we have done on this planet since we were born here. I believe that we must ask ourselves “who we are to our Creator, God.”  Why? Because who we are to our Creator has enormous impact on the correct vantage point that we must use to consider our answers to all of the other questions that we have asked about ourselves. In fact, our answers to those questions are directly connected to who we are to our Creator God. Since we came from the eternal God and because He formed/shaped/fashioned us before we entered into our Mother’s womb, and because He has stated that He has plans for us and those plans are written in His book before our first day begins, before our first moments pass, then we enter time with an assigned mission and an eternal purpose that comes directly from our Creator God. It is an eternal purpose for our in time experience. He clearly states that He has uniquely designed us for His purpose. We enter time having been designed by our Creator for a unique and special purpose that we are creatively designed to perform while we are in time. The ramifications of that simple understanding are enormous for us and for humanity. Our design means that we enter time with special talents, gifts, qualifications, callings and abilities that are given to us by our Creator, and these giftings enable us to accomplish the task of our purpose on this planet.You could say that we are deployed to this planet as an Agent of eternity to provide something that we have been given by our Creator and our God for ourselves and for all of humanity. Knowing this and understanding the impact on our life on this planet in time, adds great clarity to our lives. What does this have to do with our success on this planet and for our eternity? Our success is measured by knowing the reason/purpose that we are here, and then fulfilling our purpose - The purpose given to us by our Creator God before we enter time. So where do we look to find and to determine our purpose in life? Is it found in our time or in our eternity and in our eternalness?

We began our in time journey as a seed from our Father that joined with our Mother and produced the union that formed our body. Our body became the home of our eternal spirit while we are in time.  The Holy Spirit God provided insight to me at an earlier time about the significance of the seed of humans. Never before in the history of time has humanity’s seed been under such an aggressive and brutal attack. The major messages of Hollywood and the governments of this world are directed at destroying the human seed and subverting our seed’s ability to have the good influence on humanity that was intended in their design by our Creator. Please consider this; we enter time designed to perform a specific and unique purpose for humanity. Our creator has told us that His plans for us are for good and that His plans for us are full of hope. He does not create the plans for us after we arrive on the planet. His plans for us are written in His book before our life in time begins, before the first seconds of time have passed.  If we do not allow our seed to enter time, then the gifts and the talents that are provided for humanity by our Creator die and perish with our seed.  Our God is generous and lavish towards humanity. His generosity and concern for our needed provision is evident everywhere that we look. Each person that is ever born into time comes with unique gifts and special talents that are given to them by our Creator, to enhance and to benefit the in time experience for all of humanity.  Surely our God has a cure for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Cancer and everything and anything else that plagues humanity. Have we denied entry into time to the seed that our God gave the cures that humanity needs to deliver these cures to humanity? The decision to terminate the life of your seed is certainly the choice of the Mother, but the ramifications affect everyone on the planet.  The lies and the deceits of the defeated Satan may declare there are no consequences, but there most assuredly are. 

Homosexuality prevents your seed from ever being formed and birthed. All of the talents and gifts that a person’s seed will contain for humanity and for posterity are not allowed to enter time, because of a lifestyle chosen by the seed bearer.  Not to mention the tragedy of the gifts and the talents that are given to the seed bearer and are supposed to be imparted to their seed by those who choose the homosexual lifestyle. Difficult to see success in these arrangements, only sadness.

Another great tragedy for humanity is the impact that extramarital sex has on humanity’s relationship with their seed and their seed’s purpose and experience in time and for eternity. A gentleman, who worked with our Family several years ago, told me that sex among the society and culture of his children, a very attractive Family, had become “nothing more than a friendly handshake.” Hollywood makes extramarital sex appear very attractive and without consequences. Governments make the consequences of extramarital sex someone else’s responsibility.  Neither Hollywood nor governments show the impact on the seed that is produced by the cavalier, no responsibility actions of pleasure seekers. Our world is approaching two hundred million children on our planet without Fathers. Children who are left without a Father’s influence and who do not have their Father’s input and instructions so they know how to live successfully in right relationship with their Creator God, statistics show how difficult it is for these children to be successful and to become a contributing member of society. A larger portion of those without Fathers do not complete basic education, they become dependents of government and an inordinate number end up in prison.

We are defining success. This one experience has a devastating impact on our/your seed’s ability to achieve the success that their Creator has planned for them. Not being born eliminates any possibility where being born without a Father in your life greatly impairs their ability to know, to understand and to achieve success.

Success is knowing who you are to your Creator, understanding what He has planned for you, being aware that He has a written plan for the successful living of your life in time (now), knowing what His plan is for you, knowing how to define, how to articulate and how to write out your plan, and then following and engaging the Creator’s created design for your life in time as closely and as aggressively as you possibly can.

But first and most importantly Seek (aim at, strive after, be ravenously hungry for) His Kingdom (His System, His Plan, His will on the earth) and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right – the attitude and character of God) and all these things will be given to you also." Matthew 6:33

Knowing that there is a written plan for each of us before we enter time will change our life experiences. We will not have to invent or fabricate a workable plan, we identify and engage the plan that is prepared for us by our Creator God. 

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