Miracles, Part Two

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In the  Kingdom provided by God Himself that He has placed inside our spirits, miracles are commonplace. However, sometimes we Citizens do not recognize them as miracles.

Because of the term "supernatural," the day-to-day average run-of-the-mill miracle is overlooked because it is not dramatic enough. When forced to accept the many miracles that dominate our lives, we often classify them according to an arbitrary ranking decided by the  sensationalism of  the miracle (much as we  do our shortcomings or sins). In reality, as Citizens of the Kingdom government of our God, our lives are infused with a continual occurrence of miracles.

Could it be that if we would recognize the miracles, thank God for their presence and intervention in our lives and those of our families, that the faithful recognizing and honoring of God for all of the small miracles that happen for us every day, perhaps we would walk into the pledge that because we were faithful in the small things, we would be given authority to walk in greater things, greater miracles?

How do we actively cultivate miracles in our lives, and walk continuously each day in this experience?

Jesus established both by conduct and by expectation what the Kingdom life offers in regard to miracles. I do not recall a single record of where Jesus had to work up His karma in order to flow naturally in the manifestation and workings of miracles. It always seemed to flow naturally. Like taking a drink of water, or maybe sharing a drink of water. Whatever need was presented, Jesus knew the Father's will and freely delivered the Father's response to the request. Rarely was it emotional for Jesus, although most of the time it was to the recipient.

Jesus disrupted the natural growth of the tree with no fruit. He violated the laws of nature by walking on water. He healed a young girl He had not even seen because of the faith of her Father. He opened blind eyes, straightened twisted and deformed hands, brought people back to life who were deceased, delivered many who were tormented by evil spirits, and in many other ways He intervened and changed the "natural"(or maybe "unnatural") course of people's lives who had needs in order to demonstrate the Father's heart, His love, His concern, and His plan and provision for all such needs on the earth. He said many things to His disciples, the Citizens of His Kingdom now living in His government. Most notably, "You will do greater things than I have done. Freely you have received, freely give. I came to destroy the works of Satan, I give you dominion, and you have power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. Now go and deliver these same miracles to those in need and tell them the Kingdom of God has arrived. It is here."

As Kingdom Citizens, this is our charge. May we be faithful to recognize, cultivate, and be grateful for the miracles He surrounds us with every day. 

I recently heard a song that captures this idea well. It's called Million Little Miracles by Maverick City Music and Elevation Worship. Take a listen and reflect on all the miracles in your life.

We will continue next week with part three in this series on miracles.

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