Miracles, Part One

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 What are miracles?

  1. An unexpected event attributed to divine intervention
  2. Any amazing or wonderful occurrence
  3. A marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine Agent

The word supernatural is not used in the Bible. Yet, by all standards it is a book of the supernatural. The Bible reveals the plan and purposes of our Creator God, and it demonstrates His intervention to enable and to allow mankind to carry out His plans and to fulfill His purposes.

What is His purpose for creating the earth, and His plan for Man on the earth? The Earth was to be the habitation of Man, and Man was to subdue the Earth and to reign in Dominion over the Earth much like a colony of Heaven. Everything on the earth was to be subject to His created man, except other mankind.

Understanding our Creator God, we know that He is a God of systems. He would not have created the earth and given man the mandate of dominion without providing a system for man to utilize in order to operate in Dominion. That system is The Kingdom of God, the government of God and His plan for doing (operating correctly) and being right (doing it the correct way). 

If what we call "supernatural "is an act that is a departure from the "natural" way things on the earth operates, then we must assume that the way the earth operates in natural. This may be the case for unregenerate mankind that has not encountered the way of our God - The Kingdom Government of our God. But Jesus, and later His disciples seemed to disturb the way the earth operated "naturally," as if this disruptive action was now to be the "natural" or the "normal" way of life for believers and followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, those whom He declared were now citizens in His Kingdom and operating under His system or His government.

Why is this important? Because we must again determine where this belief came and comes from. 

The word "supernatural" tends to conjure thoughts of something very difficult, and most of the time impossible. Only a special few people can do these things. From the viewpoint of the Kingdom of Darkness, this position is correct. On the contrary, from God's perspective, His way of  doing and being right, miracles are very naturaI, just as in Heaven.

MiracIes, departures from the way the Kingdom of Darkness operates on the earth, are to be and are commonplace among the citizens of the Kingdom of God. They are the "natural" way of God's Kingdom. Miracles are the blessings of the will of God delivered by the citizen representatives of His government through the Holy Spirit God. They are the demonstration of the "goodness of God" that humanity is searching for and has desperately longed for since mankind lost knowledge and access to God's system in Eden. That is what draws men to salvation and to a relationship with the King.

Next week we will continue our exploration of miracles and the part they play in the life of the Kingdom citizen.

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