Miracles, Part Four

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Jesus told us how to walk daily in miracles.

  1. Have faith in God. This is easy to do if you know Him, but not if you know about Him. How do we do this, have relationship with our God? Relationship comes from fellowship, fellowship comes from time spent together, and time spent together come from the commitment to the time. If you have heard my teaching before, you know how much I believe this the key to experiencing the Kingdom Government of our God. The example that unlocks the relationship question for me was my relationship with Fran. We have been married more than forty years. If on our wedding day I had delivered Fran to a place I had prepared especially for her and told her, "Hon, I will visit you for a couple of hours on Sundays. Now I will not fellowship with you, but I will listen to someone else tell me about you. Occasionally on Wednesday evenings I will repeat the process. I will not talk to you, but I will listen to someone else tell me about you. But when I need you to perform for me, I want you to be ready instantly to do so. Whatever the need. That covers a lot of territory." I am confident that would not have worked for Fran, and I am positive it does not work with God. God is a God of relationship. No shortcuts.
  2. We must "know and speak" the will of God for each need - situation, circumstance and relationship – because we have already gained that knowledge and understanding and established it in our minds through our fellowship with Him and the prompting/unction of the Holy Spirit God.  We have allowed the Word of God to change the way we think. We no longer think as the world thinks. We know that God does not respond to need, but to seed. What is the Word of God, what are words spoken in Faith?
  3. We cannot allow doubt to enter into the knowledge of the will of our God. Doubt is really negative faith. It is scary to listen to many Citizens of the Kingdom and hear where their faith is placed. "I cannot do that, I cannot deliver miracles to mankind in their need simply as a born again Citizen of the Kingdom, that is for people especially chosen by God, not ordinary people like me, I am not sure I can pray for your healing, I am not sure it is God's will for you to be healed, I will have to pray about it, that prosperity message is off base, poverty keeps you humble, and on, and on, and on. We must know and understand the plan and the will of our God and not doubt it. We do not perform miracles, we are Citizens of the Kingdom that deliver them through our knowledge and understanding of the system Jesus placed on the Earth for us to operate in now.
  4. We must pray and believe we have already received God's will for our miracle. The three Hebrews at Nebuchadnezzar's furnace knew Jehovah God. They understood his power and provision. They saw the outcome and had no doubt and no fear. We must know that God produces the desires of our spirits and minds by our fellowship with Him. Our thoughts have become His thoughts. Our will has become His will. Our plans are established and they succeed.
  5. We must forgive. There can be no unforgiveness in our spirits or minds. Unforgiveness stops the flow of miracles. Do not belabor this and drag up every incident in your past. Only address what the Holy Spirit God brings to your memory and your thoughts. Make a conscious decision to forgive and take all of your unforgiveness to God in prayer. Follow His Word and the direction of the Holy Spirit God. They will agree and they will not steer you incorrectly.
  6. Expect miracles. Look and listen for situations where you can be used to "birth the Kingdom" into the lives of mankind by delivering the "Kingdom Natural" will of the Father into their need. Do not make it spooky or super spiritual or a religious act. Do not expect that assignment from God to be for someone else. The other guy syndrome. Know that you are ready, willing and able to walk in this reality with your God. He is the True and the Living God. He is the only wise God our Father. His plans and provisions for us are not lacking. We have not been shorted the relationship of power all of humanity is longing and searching for. We must show His praises by our acts and our deeds until He returns. It is the goodness of God that draws humanity to salvation and a relationship with Him.

Praises be to Him for His plans/systems are perfect. May we understand and tap into them.

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