Miracles, Part 3

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We cannot allow the lies and deceits of the defeated Satan to be our understanding and our confession any longer. We must recognize them for what they are and from where they come. We must put a stop to them by speaking God's Word out of our mouths in faith and declaring what God has shown and declared to be true. Miracles are not "supernatural."  They are "Kingdom natural," and in fact they show evidence of Heaven coming to earth just as Jesus instructed us to pray for and to believe in its presence and power in our lives.

Miracles should not be a surprise. My Father had a good friend and mentor in the faith that used to create his own scriptures or ism's. One I have always remembered was, "Blessed is the man who expecteth nothing, for he shall not  be disappointed." In many, if not most, of the miracles we see there is a real expectancy of the desired results if the person can get to the person they believe can deliver the answer for the need (Jesus). This was usually motivated by the person in need's recognition of who Jesus was/is. This is the case with the centurion, the woman with the issue of blood, turning the water into wine, and all of the other miracles that were delivered by Jesus while He was on earth. I challenge you to re-read the gospels and review the major miracles Jesus performed. Note the following about each one of them:

  1. The presentation of the need
  2. The specific reply of Jesus
  3. How the need was delivered
  4. What action was required by the person with the need
  5. What instructions were given to the person whose need was met

The purpose of this review is not to establish the validity of miracles. Most of our world accepts miracles. A recent poll by Newsweek writer Kenneth Woodward stated,

"Eighty-four percent of those questioned for the news weekly said they believed that God performs miracles, and seventy-nine percent said that they believed the miracles described in the Bible actually occurred. Sixty-three percent said they knew someone who claimed to have experienced a miracle, while forty-eight percent told researchers they had seen or experienced one themselves. Although the report points out that miracles are reported in all the major faiths, it is Christians - ninety percent - who overwhelmingly believe in them. Only forty-six percent of non-Christians said they believed that miracles happen. Ninety-eight percent of evangelical Christians said they believed.

Our quest is to examine miracles and establish their place and functionality in the Kingdom government of our God that Jesus delivered to the Earth, and is now operating as the system He has provided for man's dominion here on the earth, now.

When we read about Jesus performing miracles in the gospels, it is clear that He viewed them as a "natural" act of a person in relationship with God the Father through the Kingdom. There was no hype, no conjuring it up with music, no rolling in the floor, no shouting as if those around could not hear -- just the simple, straightforward verbal declaration of the will of the Father.

What has happened? Why do we today believe there must be something ridiculous occurring before the miraculous can intervene and redirect the course of anything on earth? I cannot find a scriptural basis for this conviction. From where did the belief come that miracles are not a normal part of a Believer's life, a Citizen of the Kingdom's function on earth, to deliver Heaven to earth?

That in itself begs the question, why have we been taught to live our lives in pursuit of leaving Earth and going to Heaven? Jesus taught to pray and believe for Heaven to come to Earth. Earth is where mankind/humanity is to rule and reign.

So I encourage you once more. Examine what you believe and determine its origin. If it was not taught by Jesus Christ -- God -- while He was on Earth, find out what He taught about the subject and make that your belief.

We will pick up along these lines next week with Part Four of our discussion of Miracles.

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