Merry Christmas!

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We are experiencing the most amazing time ever. Never before have we had the opportunity to have more impact. Our God has chosen us, You and I, to usher in His Kingdom in a way it has never been experienced before by humanity. The Lewis Family and the Team at Kingdom School and Ministry, KSAM, are excited. We are looking forward to and anticipating a great and a mighty move by the Holy Spirit God that will change our world forever. We will not be the same after this year and our awareness of our God’s generous provision and abundant supply for all of Humanity.

During the last quarter of each year, we spend time asking our God what His plans are for us the upcoming year, 2021. We ask what His top three priorities are for us individually and collectively as a Family and as the Leadership Team for KSAM. We record what He says to us, and those become priority for us. We are celebrating this Christmas season with more than usual excitement and anticipation. The need for a living, breathing relationship with our Creator is more evident than normal for everyone. Humanity is searching and many if not most are desperate. We are excited that we have the opportunity to share the reality and the Good News of the overwhelming love of our Father and His individual good plans for all and for each of Humanity.

We are excited about this year and the upcoming year. The table is set. Great and Mighty things are in store for us. The BEST is yet to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. May His goodness and His favor overtake you today and forever. Blessings beyond measure forever.

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