Greetings from Barcelona

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Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.  Our spirits are full. We have just completed a cruise with Convoy of Hope.  Convoy is involved aggressively in feeding the hungry and in disaster relief all over the world and in the United States. We are just becoming familiar with the organization and with their work.  They feed over one hundred forty-thousand children everyday. Through local volunteers and many networks of churches, food and services are delivered directly to the needy daily. Their systems appear to have mastered the ability to go directly to the needy without government or political corruption interference.  It is difficult to understand why there is such hunger in our world.  There is adequate food available for our world. The challenge is distribution and corruption.  Thank God for an organization who addresses this need effectively and efficiently. 

Our trip included ports in Italy, France and Spain. These countries are beautiful and amazing.  Their history is fascinating and their architecture is magnificent. The United States is so young compared to these countries. We visited an overwhelmingly beautiful monastery in the mountains north of Barcelona that was breathtaking. Montserrat was founded by a monk in 1020 and has become a must see if you have the opportunity.

Travel is such a wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow. We are never too young or too old to learn and to grow. We talk and we think often about how our culture has changed and we remark about how our challenge from our Creator God is to impact culture.  How effective have we been at impacting our culture, and how do we become better? Many in my Grandparents’ generation never travelled more than twenty-five miles from their place of birth.  I recall hearing accounts of how during the Great Depression in the United States (1929, not so long ago) men out of frustration would leave/abandon their families because the could not provide for them. Many would go to another place only twenty or so miles away and start another family and live often undetected for their entire lives. In our world today, that seems impossible. With social security numbers and the present communications that we have, thousands of miles would not make a difference.  The automobile (Henry Ford) has made travel so easy and convenient. It is nothing to travel hundreds of miles in a day and to return the same day. Airplanes changed our access to the world profoundly. In less than twenty-four hours we can travel almost all of the way around the earth. What a phenomenon to be in a metal cylinder forty thousand feet above the surface of the earth traveling at six hundred miles per hour. Not a picture you want to think too long about.  Our culture is changing at warp speed. We need Scotty to beam us down so we do not forget who we are, where we came from, why we are here, how we are to live and what happens when our spirit leaves our body, things that are important for our eternity. The fundamental and foundation of everything that we are and who we really are eternally. The beginning point and where we end in time for our eternity. How do we impact our culture? By changing the way that we think which will prioritize and direct what we believe and how we live. Scriptures are clear. Humanity is searching, longing for those in relationship with the true and the living God to be clearly visible. Why? So they can see an example and know the answers to the questions (those we presented above) about their lives and who they are.  Humanity cannot escape the presence of our Creator God and His plan for us. Psalms 139 - where can I go? Everywhere I go You, Your Spirit is there to guide and to direct me.  Life is so much easier when we know that He is there and He has a plan. It is a tough task trying to be the source yourself.  

As many know, I have been stirred by the Holy Spirit God about justice in our culture for several years. I am in the process of writing a paper on justice now and how we allow our God to work through us to change our societies understanding and appreciation for His Kingdom Justice. Johnny Enlow has also been stirred by the Spirit of God about Justice in our culture. Attached you will find his latest Word from our God about Justice - click here to download it. This is one of a significant series of Words Johnny has delivered. All are worth reading and following. This one is a now Word for humanity.  You will enjoy and be stirred. Like the Lanny Wolfe song of long ago, we hope you are not just stirred, but changed.


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