Grace & Mercy, Part Two

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To understand the Dynamic of Mercy, we must recognize our position in Christ and the process of development in grace. We are born again, regenerated  spirits in relationship with our God. The challenge we face is dealing with the Gatekeeper into our spirits and their development process, our minds. The mind is the seat of our will. That is also where our emotions, our personalities, and our character live. The imagination operates a theater there in our minds that no Director or Producer on Earth can come close to replicating or duplicating. In vivid, living color, much better than the latest HD technology, we see things that do not exist. The most exciting thing for us is the fact that these movies are interactive and we are required to decide the outcomes of these cinematography wonders. We must engage in the story. We must participate in the outcome or the endings. This is much better than 3D. I am sure someone somewhere has determined how many of these movies we watch daily. I do not know, but there are many.

What we are talking about and describing are choices that we make. Our decisions are based on our emotions, our feelings, and our personalities. The question is where did what we believe come from? What is the source of our beliefs? We can bring our minds into agreement with our re-born spirits by placing the Words of our God in our minds. We are told in Romans 12 to "not think like the world thinks, but to allow God to change the way we think to become agreeable with what He thinks - His Word and His Spirit. Then we are told we will know how good and how pleasing and how perfect His will really is." (Personal paraphrasing).

We know that when our thoughts become agreeable with His thoughts, our plans are established and succeed. I believe the Word confirms and that we must understand that this is a process.

We make mistakes. Sometimes without knowledge and sometimes we know better. We choose to disobey. We sin. That is where the Dynamic of Mercy comes into play. We are told there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Christ does not condemn us, but the Holy Spirit God reveals our transgression (bad choice) to us, and draws/encourages us to not sulk over it, hide from it, or to deny it,  but to recognize it, take it to our God and ask His forgiveness. He will always forgive us and remove the stain of sin from our lives. That is how the the Dynamic of Mercy works, and what it does in our lives.


We will continue next week in our discussion of Grace and Mercy.

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