Giving: The Most Misunderstood Kingdom Principle for Success

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Giving - the most misunderstood kingdom principle

It would be difficult to number all of the books that have been written on success and how to achieve it. However, I do not recall a single book where giving was listed as a significant principle that leads to success. I suppose it may not in the Kingdom of this World, the Kingdom of Darkness. In fact, it is often interpreted as weakness. Yet, in the bestselling book that has ever been written on the subject of success, the book that more copies have been purchased by humanity than any other book, the understanding of the impact of giving on success is both fundamental and foundational. So why is it that in the instruction and teaching on success that the act of giving is not presented clearly as a foundational principle in all of the volumes about success? Could it be that we have been so preoccupied with the achieving and the receiving that we have not considered the impact of our giving on our receiving? Is it possible that we have overlooked one of the major components of success? I believe that to be correct. Giving is a major component in the success equation in the Kingdom.

I am particularly interested in how we define giving and what we consider to be giving? There appears to be agreement that giving is the act of sharing one’s resources with another. Many only consider the sharing of money as giving. One’s time, talents, love, forgiveness and many others are not considered in the giving equation, only money is considered. I believe that to be an error.

The Great Book of Learning says that when we give, we receive (“give and it shall be given unto you”). Is it reasonable to then conclude that the act of giving provides inertia and energy in the receiving process? It says that the amount will be in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. That is the description of the receiving when humanity gives.

To me, I envision a container that is tightly packed together, not loosely filled. It further explains the source of the receiving (shall men give unto your bosom/lap). There is clearly the understanding presented that when you give to humanity, humanity will give to you.

A very important point is made about the quantity that you give. (For with the same measure that you give will it be given back unto you). I enjoy the New Living Translation that says, “Give and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full — pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”

The connection between giving and receiving is clearly presented. Yet, it seems strange that when we speak about our earnings or revenue plans we do not include the “giving” vantage point. If giving stimulates and activates receiving why would we not consider giving in our earnings plans? I am convinced we will never reach our earnings potential without beginning with our giving plans and commitments.

So often I have heard, “I cannot afford to give.” How can we afford to not give? There was a time in my life when I would see what was left over, and that would determine how much I gave. And I was quick to use any portion of what I had purposed to give to purchase anything not already in my budget using the designated giving funds. That was a time of significant financial struggle. I could not figure out why. I now know that my actions were undermining my financial success. Reducing my giving reduced my receiving. The Great Book of Learning makes that very clear. I did not consider my giving to have anything to do with my receiving. It clearly does.

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