Giving, Part 3: Giving is the Foundation

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Giving is the primary, foundational principle for success in the Kingdom of our God. “Give and you will receive.” Giving precedes receiving. Our efforts to generate revenue must be to fulfill our giving plan.

Many have gotten sidetracked with the tithe. Theologically many question if the tithe applies today. This appears to be used as an excuse to not give. A recent study showed that less than nine (9%) percent of “Believers” tithe and they average tithing less than three (3%) of their earning. Giving is the plan -- whether you follow that after a tithe is not really the issue in the Kingdom. Giving is the Principle.

As a Dynamic of Conduct and Behavior, the amount you give determines the amount you receive. The outcomes of giving are just as predictable as any dynamic of science, mathematics or any physical law that is operable on the Earth. There are many promises of blessings that accompany tithing, but tithing cannot be our standard of giving. We must understand that the purpose of earning and/or receiving is to give. The amount of giving you determine to be your calling, your challenge, or your commitment will determine your amount of receiving.

On a personal note, our Family has always given what we believed to be generously. I was working out and watching television one day. I never watch television while working out. On a news program they were reporting that Ted Turner, George Soros and Carl Reiner were giving millions to the United Nations. I personally believe the United Nations is a very corrupt organization and that most of the leaders use the position and funds for self advancement, to the detriment of those in need around the globe. My spirit rose up within me and I began to ask God, “Where are Your people who are givers located? Why were they not on television giving large amounts of money to advance the Kingdom and to teach Your ways? After all, Your System would solve the challenges of our world and the System of the Kingdom of Darkness will only lead to greater frustration and to failure.”

His answer shocked me. In my spirit I heard, “that is what I am calling you to do.” At first I was very uncomfortable with that Word. I had to meditate on it and to research the meaning. That Word has grown within me, I understand it better and I am comfortable with it. I have learned that God prepares us for what He declares to us. There is absolutely no shortage nor lack in His Kingdom that He has placed within us. All that we need is within us. We must not look outside of ourselves, but always within.

Whatever we need to fulfill the call He places on us is within us, and is there in abundance. Today we give more than forty times what we used to earn. This is not because we are forty times more intelligent, but because we have learned to listen, to trust and to expect. We know that He will cause our thoughts to become agreeable with His will and that our plans will be established and succeed.

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