Giving Part 2: Not Need, But Seed

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We have addressed giving of our resources other than the resource of money. There is a statement presented that says that every created thing has within it the ability to reproduce itself, seed bearing seed of its own kind. This is an important understanding in the pursuit of success. As simple as it may seem, you cannot plant corn and harvest green beans. In the trichotomy of humanity, humanity is an eternal spirit that lives in a body and is managed by their soul or their mind. Each of the forms of humanity has substance and they have purpose. Each produces seed of its own kind.

This understanding of seed and like kind reproduction continues through all of nature and all of humanity’s actions. Human seed produces humans, animal’s seed produces animals, and plant seed produces plants. I believe this continues throughout all of humanity’s acts and activity. Receiving is the production of the seed of giving, like kind reproduction. Giving creates giving.

Another important principle that can be drawn is that what you give or plant is what you will receive or harvest. Humanity’s understanding of the giving or planting principle is extremely important in achieving Kingdom success. What we plant or what we give is what we receive or harvest. What do you need? What do you need in your life or the life of your Family, Friends or others? Do you need money, relationship, fellowship, health, forgiveness, joy, peace, faith, understanding, love, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, good will, respect or whatever it is that you need? You must plant seeds of the attribute or character that you are seeking to develop or cure in your life in order for that to develop. I have heard it said that our God does not respond to need, but that He does respond to seed. How often have we prayed and pleaded with God, when all that God was waiting for was seed? Good seed that He could work with to produce the request that we were bombarding Heaven about. Where we plant is important. The soil or environment where we place our seed is equally as important. In the parable of the seeds, the importance of “good soil” is stressed.

I have observed so many planting the incorrect seeds in the incorrect soil for the harvest they needed so badly. The resulting futility was so easily avoidable.

How do we prepare the soil of our spirits? We follow the Dynamics of Conduct and Behavior and we allow the Holy Spirit God to create just the right soil for the seed of the Words of our God to take root in our spirits and in our minds and to grow into the image of our God. We also must renew our souls and our minds by the Words of our God. This simple process will change our culture (the way we think). Our thoughts will become agreeable with His thoughts and our plans will be established and succeed. I have seen it happen many times. It works.

Consider this: How tragic would it be to live your life and to observe those around you whose life experiences and their life outcomes were full of struggle and defeat? When you knew that there were several simple but profound understandings of principles and guidelines that would provide life experiences of victory and success? I believe that is exactly what is happening today. Have we missed the simplicity of the message? We are told to make our understanding of the System, the Plan, and the Way to do things correctly to be our first and primary objective. Sadly, most do not even know there is a System, a Plan, or a Way to do things other than those that we learn in school or by experience living in the Kingdom of Darkness. This understanding is revolutionary. It is counter-cultural. It will completely change our conduct and behavior. It defies the common understanding of how life works on our planet. It does not take a genius or rocket scientist to know the System, the Plan, and the Ways of the Kingdom of Darkness are not working.

All of the Cultural Mountains of Influence under the Leadership of the Kingdom of Darkness have failed. Government, Economy – Business and Enterprise, Media, Family, Education, Arts and Entertainment and Religion have been tried in the courts of life experiences and found to be lacking and insufficient. All of humanity knows they do not work. Humanity is groaning as in travail, searching for something that works. Humanity is looking for the examples of our lives to be different, to be positive and to provide the answers they are looking for in their lives. We must demonstrate by act and by deed the reality of living in the System God Himself as Jesus Christ delivered to the Earth for all of Humanity to live a fulfilling, victorious life here on Earth right now. Not later in the sweet by and by, but NOW!

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