Experiencing the Kingdom

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More than any other subject or topic, Christ taught about the Kingdom of God. He said that was why He came to earth. To deliver the Kingdom. He said it is here. He described the Kingdom more than anything else as a relationship. A relationship with authority. A relationship with a King. He demonstrated by everything He said and everything He did, the presence, the power, the authority and the reality of His declaration, “I bring you the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is here now at your service, at your disposal.”

He gave us many teachings and many examples of how to see the kingdom, how to enter the kingdom, how to live in the Kingdom, how to experience the power of the Kingdom, how to utilize the financial, spiritual, physical, emotional and relational benefits of the Kingdom, how to make deposits into the Kingdom, how to make withdrawals from the Kingdom and how any and everything we could ever possibly need was prepared for us before we were born, before the foundations of the earth, and he had placed it all in the Kingdom.

Additionally, He has given us complete access. And, even better than all this, we do not have to earn it. He makes it clear that we cannot be good enough for it. He knows that, so He has given it to us when we believe and declare out loud with our voice that all of this is correct/right because we know, believe, accept, and do receive that it has been provided for us by God who is our Father through Himself, Jesus Christ. He came to set the captive free, to declare the liberty He has brought to us, and to make our experience one of power, not weakness and defeat. He declares His plans for us are for good, for a hope and a future. He adds His plans are not for disaster. How do we make this our reality? Our constant experience?

Not to oversimplify, or understate the commitment and work required, but there are four steps that we can take, four experiences we can establish in our lives as our reality that will provide the Kingdom experience promised and delivered to earth by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who was and is God. He did what He said He would do. So we can do, have, and experience what He said we could.

Steps to Experience the Kingdom of God:

1) We must know what He said we were to have and to experience.

2) We must allow God to turn the knowledge into the vision – the picture, the understanding – of how we walk this knowledge, this understanding out in our lives. Minute by minute, day by day, continually, without exception.

3) We must allow God to show us by His Word, His Spirit, His Teachers, His Prophets and His Preachers the Plans for the vision He has given us to become our reality. It will become easy to know the will and plan of God for activation and for perpetuation in our lives. He will create a hunger for the relationship that achieves the plan. It will be a dominating desire of our lives.

4) We must allow His plans to become our plans. Our experience will be the reality of the results He promised. Then our plans will be established and we will succeed.

We then possess and will display through demonstration what the hungry, desperate, lost world is looking/searching for. It is the image of God in us the Body of Christ recreated in Christ Jesus/the Word/the Spirit. It is the power for victory over situations, circumstances and relationships that is in us through the relational experience of the presence of the Kingdom of God lived out in our lives and delivered into every opportunity God presents. It will be birthed by the Holy Spirit God with power and easily and readily identified with undeniable results. God will deliver what we believe and expect.

Praise to His name.

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