Developing a Giving Plan

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This time of year, many people are making decisions on end-of-year charitable donations. Beyond this, many are assessing their finances and budget for the upcoming year. It is important to have a God-inspired plan of giving, and not just arbitrarily decide how to give based on what’s left over in your budget.

The connection between giving and receiving is clear. Yet it seems strange that when we speak about our earning or our revenue development plans, that we do not begin our plan from the vantage point of our giving commitment. If giving stimulates and activates receiving, then why would we not consider giving as an integral part and the necessary beginning for our earnings plan? I am convinced we will never reach our earning potential without first beginning with our giving plan and our giving commitment.

To determine a giving plan from God you must first hear from God. God is good and His plans for you are for good. The Holy Spirit God is constantly speaking to you through your spirit. To be in relationship with God so that you can hear from Him and recognize His voice, you must fellowship with God by spending time together with Him. There are no shortcuts. You must spend time fellowshipping with God.


  1. Designate a set time every day that you set aside to fellowship with our God.
  2. Honor that time and stick to it. If you miss it, do not make it legalization and condemning; just be sure you make it at least 70% of the time – five out of seven days per week.
  3. Determine a set amount of time. I suggest you begin with fifteen minutes. Spend ten minutes praising and worshipping God and talking to God about what is important to you. For five minutes listen, do not say anything just concentrate on fellowshipping, worshipping and praising our God with the ears of your spirit attuned to His words about your requests. Do this for thirty days and then every thirty days increase your time by five minutes.
  4. Have with you during these times a notepad or notebook and pen. Have written down what you want to cover and write down what you hear through your spirit when spending time with our God.
  5. Ask very specific and direct questions. Expect very specific and direct answers.
  6. Write down what you hear and record how it plays out in your life. Keep good records. Thank God for specific direction and the resulting outcomes.
  7. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs. Read one chapter per day.
  8. Read Romans 12:1-3 daily. KJV/NLT
  9. Read Hebrews 4:12 daily. KJV/NLT
  10. Reprogram your mind by reading and or listening to the Word and thank God for steps 7, 8 and 9 becoming real in your life.

Developing a Giving Plan for 2021

  1. Begin with a Declaration statement and praise. There are many Declarations to choose from in my free ebook Kingdom Activating Declarations.
  2. Declare out loud what you are believing God for:
    1. God places within us the desires that are in our heart/spirit.
    2. As we fellowship with Him, as we read His Word, as we participate in anointed teaching and preaching, He causes our thoughts to become agreeable with His will and are our plans established.
  3. Divide the areas of your life into sections that you pray specifically for and ask God for direction in each:
    • Family
    • Health
    • Wealth/Money
    • Friends
    • Faith
    • Giving
    • Missions – Local, Globally
    • Ministries
    • Church
    • Pastor/Leader
    • Relationships
    • Employment
    • Deployment
    • Property
    • Thoughts/Attitude
    • Confession/Words
    • Possessions
    • Business
    • Calling / Anointing
    • Personal – spirit, mind, body
    • Greater Influence
    • A right spirit
    • Where you live
    • What you drive
    • What you wear
    • Where and when you vacation
  4. Commit to spending the time necessary to hear from God. Believe what He says to your spirit and do what He directs.
  5. Continue the process everyday and add/delete/change/review and correct whatever is appropriate.
  6. Experience the goodness and blessings of hearing and obeying our God.

These suggestions and thoughts are not all-inclusive, they are not exclusive, nor are they unchangeable. Modify and add to them as the Holy Spirit God inspires and directs. He alone is the Master Teacher. Everyone else works under Him. This and these suggestions are what He, the Holy Spirit God has shared with and provided to me personally. They change for me quite regularly. May He inspire you to greater and better things than these, Humanity needs them. Please share them. If the Holy Spirit God inspires you to add something to this giving plan, please leave a comment below.


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