Beginnings and Endings

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Do the experiences of your life ever seem unreal? There are such contrasts. We have just returned from an amazing cruise where we began in Rome, Italy, visited a couple ports in Italy, then on to France and Monaco and other cities and ended our journey in Barcelona after stopping in a couple beautiful locations in Spain. A wonderful trip, but as always my favorite place on this planet is home. Thomasville, Georgia. Thomasville really is a wonderful place.

A couple of days after arriving home we travelled to Jacksonville, Florida for the services for Fran's Mother's youngest Brother, Ted who was sixty-three years of age. Much too young. Cancer had ravaged his body and he suffered  greatly. It is a horrible and tragic thing to observe the attack of Cancer. Ted lived with Fran and I right out of high school for a short time.   He was a happy and fun guy. Artistically he was very talented. I was always amazed at his drawings. He had no formal training and did not desire to pursue his gifting as a career. I am convinced he would have done well. He loved music and lived a full life. Thank God for Ted and his love and relationship in our lives.

Less than a week later, we travelled  to Tallahassee to dedicate a great grandson of a very special Lady who attends our local gathering of Friends we call Seekers Fellowship. What an honor to participate in the beginning of a life in time and to point that life to a living relationship with the true and the living God and the important stuff of eternity. Our life in eternity with time is so short. At its longest it is a nanosecond in our total eternity. What we do in time has eternal impact on our experience in our eternity.

Observing the beginning and the ending of our lives in time floods my spirit and my mind with thoughts about the importance of our having  knowledge and a correct awareness of our individual eternity and our eternalness. There is nothing more important to humanity than our understanding our eternity and the impact of our eternity on our forever  experience.  We begin with answering the fundamental and  foundational questions for our lives in time. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? How am I to live? What happens when my spirit leaves my body? We cannot build a successful life for now and for forever without addressing these questions and using that information to guide our in time adventures. The answers to the questions by each of us are the rudder that direct our lives to a successful outcome. Have you addressed these questions?  Time will steal our eternity if we do not know and understand the relationship between time and eternity.

As you know, I often like to pass along the prophetic words of my friend Johnny Enlow. A few days ago, I shared with you a powerful word regarding God's move of Economic Justice happening right now in August 2018. Johnny has recently released another compelling word about God's Roar of Justice. More good news of how darkness is being thwarted, and His light is overtaking every shadow! Click here to download a copy of this word.

Blessings in all you do. Your going out, your coming in, your sitting down and your standing up. You are blessed.

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