Aligned for Purpose

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The scriptures are our Operating Agreement and our provided agreement for governance. The scriptures provide for our reference the values, the principles, and the established precedents that we are to selectively review and then choose how we are to live our lives based on our desired outcomes. The scriptures are our Constitution, our governmental agreement with the government of Heaven which Jesus Christ, Emmanuel – God with us – delivered to the earth Himself, to empower and to enable Humanity to know how to make good choices for the good outcomes that we are designed to want/desire. All of this establishes and defines what is right, and our Bill of Rights.

God will do nothing that hinders us or takes us away from us His stated, established desire for relationship with us. If we want to be in relationship with our Creator and our Designer our God, we must understand that His primary goal and His purpose for us first and foremost is for relationship and we must know how that works. Relationship requires fellowship. No fellowship, no relationship. Fellowship requires that we spend time together, and time spent together requires that we give Him the time. Time is our given commodity of a specified, certain number of days that we each have received for us to manage while we are here, on the earth. We choose and we display what is important to us by the selective management of our time.

A person cannot be, nor can they be considered to be, successful by what they have (assets/things/material possessions). Success can only be identified by whose they are (relationships). As Jesus said, first our God and secondly our neighbors, family, and others that our God brings to us for relationship. Success for us/humanity cannot be asset-based but must be purpose-based and measured by our active, assigned, and designed relationships. We are designed for relationships and our world is designed to function on relationships of mutual respect and love for our God and for each other. My, how we have missed that mark. Returning to course for the target begins with each of us making choices that align us with our God’s created design for our eternal purpose. What is that for you? That is why we are here and our purpose for being.

Nothing will deliver the contentment and the fulfillment that we are designed to desire and to enjoy that is not founded in the relationships that are based on our created design for our eternal purpose. When we understand how important relationships are and how they work, everything within us - spirit, mind and body - will draw us to our designed objective for our designed purpose for our designed outcomes. Spend time together and develop a continual, flowing relationship of fellowship and communion and communication, face to face, spirit to Spirit and breath to breath. That is His desire and our purpose for being. That is His Kingdom, His system, His plan for us and His way of doing and being right.

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